Carson and Amerrica

I was so pumped when Carson told me his plan: An epic scavenger hunt leading Amerrica to Watauga Dam, a special place for the two of them. 

I met Carson at the lake and we scouted for a good location to get on one knee (and for me to snipe them). We settled on a grassy area overlooking the water, conveniently providing me a place to hide in the bushes and (poison ivy) nearby. And so began the waiting game. As if Carson's nerves weren't high enough, Amerrica went to a different part of the Dam and we had to redirect her via our accomplice, Charlotte.

Finally, she appeared. Words were spoken, small boxes were opened. The deed was done. Moments captured. Smiles abounded. While we had light (and even when it was gone) we had fun trying a lot of different shots afterwards. You wouldn't expect it from this silly couple, but they can rock some model looks!

After all was said and done, the couple came home with a new relationship status and some new jewelry. I came home with some solid photos (and a bad case of poison ivy to be discovered later) Small price to pay!