Sunset Sprints

Typically, I recommend that people take the awesome hiking trail up to the Pinnacle Mountain firetower. But on the days when you're feeling spontaneous and the sun is setting in less than an hour, I'm very glad there's a road to the top too. On Saturday, with just minutes of light left in the day, my inner rallycar driver took over—though, my Hyundai's inner Subaru somehow failed to manifest. After a short and steep footrace to the summit, my already breathless state compounded at the staggering glow of orange atop deep purple ridgelines. I always try, but the experience isn't one that can be properly rendered onto any medium. And when you share moments like these with a small group of strangers, they quickly feel like old friends. 

Heirloom: Manassas, VA

I've recently partnered with a client on their new marketing campaign, Heirloom. As an organization that works primarily with seniors, Morrison Community Living's campaign features an up-close look at some of their residents across the nation.  

This is Dotty. She lives in Manassas, Virginia.


These are a few of Dotty's things. Some are prized treasures, and some just find a way of sticking around through the years.

This month, Morrison is featuring Dotty's Cornbread Casserole recipe at all of their sites nationwide. It's a recipe that has a rich history, and one her family is well acquainted with.

Dotty loves to sew. She's thought of getting a new machine, but this old one has served her well over many years. Everything is right where she needs it.

One of her family's traditions began with a lace dress made by her Great Great Grandmother in 1889. Since then, every baby girl that is born in the family has been photographed in the same lace dress. No matter where the dress travels, it is always hand-delivered, never mailed.

Dotty was one of the first girls to wear the dress. So far, 31 descendants have worn the dress.

I learned from Dotty that throughout life, you'll acquire a lot of possessions. Some of them are purely functional. But the reason why you end up hanging on to certain things is because they often remind us of the people we shared our lives with. They are evidence of a life well lived.

Zach & Sydney: Cloud Nine

After finishing a corporate shoot in Nashville that morning, I ended up on Roan Mountain—never a bad place to end a day. I've been on top of Roan dozens of times, and this day was about as foggy as they come. But Zach had a plan and was sticking to it. Hunkered down in my position at the summit, two figures finally emerged from the fog. The next few minutes were as real as it gets. Zach made his intentions very clear by putting a ring on it. But also, by taking the position of a servant and washing Sydney's feet. 

I hope to do a ton of other proposal shoots in the future, but I'm confident that this will always be one of my favorites.