Taylor & Candace

I've known Taylor since the cul-de-sac skater kid days—it's surreal to be taking engagement photos for him.

I decided to take a weekend trip down to Charlotte to hang out with Taylor and Candace and spend a whole day exploring and shooting. It was my first time there, but we ended up finding some killer locations around downtown. Let's be real, though. Most of the credit for these shots goes to Taylor and Candace. They've got chemistry and you can really see it on camera.

Taylor, you've got yourself a keeper. I can't wait until May!

Meteor Shower Proposal

Whenever I get a call about being involved in a proposal, I'm instantly intrigued. When it's happening on Roan Mountain during a meteor shower, I AM SO THERE. It was super challenging to photograph the moment with the milky way being the only light around, but we got some pretty original shots—certainly firsts for me at least. Overall, the entire night blew my mind. It's always a privilege to witness a couple getting engaged. Even more so when it's on top of a mountain under the most beautiful sky I've ever seen.

Feast your eyes on these star-crossed lovers.

48 Hour Film Project

This year I was part of a team competing in the Asheville 48 Hour Film Project
(Otherwise named, "Sleep-deprived stress, suffering, and satisfaction.")

A quick rundown of how it works:

Your team shows up at the regional meeting place (Asheville) and is assigned a random genre of film. You then have 48 hours to write, produce, film, edit, and deliver a short film (~ 8 minutes long). All work must be done within those 48 hours. The film that best uses its genre comes out on top. Sleep is not a priority. 

The things we do for film...  See the fruits of our labor Here.