Zach & Sydney: Cloud Nine

After finishing a corporate shoot in Nashville that morning, I ended up on Roan Mountain—never a bad place to end a day. I've been on top of Roan dozens of times, and this day was about as foggy as they come. But Zach had a plan and was sticking to it. Hunkered down in my position at the summit, two figures finally emerged from the fog. The next few minutes were as real as it gets. Zach made his intentions very clear by putting a ring on it. But also, by taking the position of a servant and washing Sydney's feet. 

I hope to do a ton of other proposal shoots in the future, but I'm confident that this will always be one of my favorites.

Taylor & Candace

I've known Taylor since the cul-de-sac skater kid days—it's surreal to be taking engagement photos for him.

I decided to take a weekend trip down to Charlotte to hang out with Taylor and Candace and spend a whole day exploring and shooting. It was my first time there, but we ended up finding some killer locations around downtown. Let's be real, though. Most of the credit for these shots goes to Taylor and Candace. They've got chemistry and you can really see it on camera.

Taylor, you've got yourself a keeper. I can't wait until May!