I've done it.


I finally have a website.


After years in the making, my photos have ventured outside the cold dark of my hard drives, and those megabytes are glad to be seeing the light of day. I guess you could say I'm pretty happy about it too.

This process has been demanding, but it has already been more rewarding than I could have imagined. There is something special about seeing all of your best work in one place and in the public eye.

In the galleries, you will see a variety of things. Photos taken in diverse environments, important people in my life, beauty that can hardly be contained, but more than anything, you will see over six years of personal growth.

I have scoured my archives to find the very best images that I have ever made. 
Now, I must move on to the next task: making all of those photos obsolete.

While I have done some great work in the past, it is now time to transition all of my efforts to the future. I am ready to create new images. An artist who isn't actively creating anything isn't much of an artist. 

That said, I am determined to improve every day.
I will start by photographing the things that interest me, which is practically everything...
I have no question that my best work is ahead of me.

This blog is where I will share my thoughts and show you what I am working on. 
I am excited to share in the creative process with you.

Here's to the future.