David + Victoria Married

Full disclosure: This was my first full-blown wedding shoot

That said, I felt really good about it! I've heard a lot of photographers talk about how much they hate shooting weddings, but I've attended quite a few and they aren't so bad! Plus, I'm willing to try most anything once.

Looking back on it, what I really enjoyed about this day was how free I was to experiment. David and Victoria were super chill and seemed to just be excited about getting married rather than being bogged down by the details of the event. They didn't even bat an eye when I was so ambitious as to use strobes/softboxes at my first wedding ...without an assistant or second shooter. It was pretty much the opposite of micromanagement. -Maybe because all that crazy stuff I made them do for their Engagement shoot actually paid off! In hindsight, I missed several opportunities for unique shots because I was too timid and didn't get close enough. But you can be sure that by my next wedding, my confidence will be way higher. Creativity too. All in all, this was a great icebreaker. Here's to David and Victoria, and many more wedding shoots to come!