Worth It.

Once again, Roan Mountain doesn't fail to impress. No matter the weather, season, or time of day, there is always beauty to be found. This day (like many others on Roan Mountain) welcomed us with a dense layer of fog. As we trekked up the Appalachian Trail through spruce forests and up the balds, snow squalls expedited the loss of feeling in our fingers. 

But seemingly right on cue, the fog began to lift whenever we approached a good vantage point. The sun burst through cracks in the clouds, setting the frosty mountaintop ablaze with a sparkling glow that was near impossible to photograph, and just as impossible to look away from.

Though I was completely content and oblivious, my now white hair began showing signs of how cold it actually was. We took it as a sign that we ought to turn back. Any hike in which you return to your car in the dark is an excellent one in my book. Add to that some best friends and you've got yourself a day to remember.

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